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Customer Reviews

Chelle Kniss

August 15, 2017  
"I purchased 3 bars of soap, some lip balm and a lotion bar at the Odawa Homecoming Pow Wow and love them all! The scents are amazing! Thank you for your amazing products!"

Uk'Piqk Bawaajigan

April 19, 2017
"I met Donna at the powwow and I will not buy soap from anyone else now. Chi miigwech for keeping the old ways alive, I recommend her store to everyone, especially for people like me with sensitive skin and chemical allergies!"

Teresa Van Alstine

August 10, 2017
"I just received 2 salves my mom ordered for me. I have had bad pain in the back of my head and it's swollen. My neurologist thinks it's a blocked nerve, but I used your analgesic salve and I can tell you I am a customer for life now!! It works and I can't thank you enough!!"

‎Linda Bruce Sayre‎

September 7, 2014
"You are a lifesaver and so kind!! My 2 year old was miserable from 20+ mosquito bites. 100% calm now after using your Nature's Remedy. I will definitely be a repeat customer :) Thank you for your gentleness with him. You absolutely have a calming effect on children."

‎JamieLyn Dunigan

September 11, 2014
"We got to put the Nature's Caress to the test. Our 6-year-old with the most sensitive skin on earth had a welt on her calf, either from a bug bite or something she got into hiking. We put some on before bed and in the morning there was absolutely nothing there. No redness, no swelling. I'm looking forward to trying it on her eczema, which usually shows up in the fall. She calls it her magic lotion."

‎Lynette Ackerman‎

July 8, 2015

"With all the mosquitoes swarming around lately, our household has really appreciated the efficacy of your Itch Relief Salve. I'm so glad we wandered across your booth when we did at the Riverbank PowWow in Lansing.
Chi Miigwech♡"